What is One Squared?

One Squared is a marketing event hosted with the support from Leighton Interactive and sponsors.

It is not your typical business seminar or marketing event. The speakers, topics, and experience at One Squared have been strategically selected to feed your marketing mind with ideas to grow your expertise, grow your business, and grow yourself.

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What Does “One Squared” Mean?

The name “One Squared” was born in 2015 by a group of marketers at Leighton Interactive who felt they always had to choose between professional and personal growth.

But, they believed the two worked hand-in-hand. That one could not succeed without the other. And, that anyone who worked in, or with, marketing would agree.

Why? Because people with a marketing mind understand the daily grind and hustle that comes with working in a rapidly changing industry. You have to keep up professionally with the industry and keep up personally so you’re able to be your best self and [insert your title here].

The marketers at Leighton Interactive wanted to provide an experience for people [like themselves] who were craving an opportunity to become better marketers and better people.

Enter One Squared. The marketing event created to give you the tools, tips, and tactics you need to grow the two sides that exist within you: your personal self and professional self.

It’s you, squared.

What Can I Expect at One Squared?

You can expect to hear from speakers and big brands on topics like:

  • One-Squared-Icon-Business-Growth.png

    Business & Brand Growth

  • One-Squared-Icon-Marketing-Strategy.png

    Marketing Strategy

  • One-Squared-Icon-Video-Marketing.png

    Video Tactics

  • One-Squared-Icon-Personal-Brand.png

    Personal Branding

  • One-Squared-Icon-Passion.png

    Purpose & Passion

We can’t wait to see you!


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