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Jun 20, 2018

About the Author: Rich Thul is a professional photographer, videographer, and graphic designer with extensive experience in creating commercial advertising content. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook here.   Read More 

Jun 8, 2018

About the Author: Erika Voeller is a Copywriter and Content Strategist at Olive & Company, a brand marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, web design, and digital marketing. The agency is based in Minneapolis.  A few mo…  Read More 

May 18, 2018

About the Author: Shelby Teal is a Sales and Marketing Specialist at Twin Cities Tees, a custom screen printing, embroidery, and design shop in Minnesota. Printing what matters. Going to One Squared this year was a great opportunity. I didn’t…  Read More 

Mar 30, 2018

When I was a kid, my sister bought me a book called “The Big Book of Worries.” It was filled with things that I hadn’t thought to worry about previously, giving me the opportunity to fret over them thereafter. What does this tell you about me?…  Read More 

Mar 9, 2018

One Squared is almost here, and you may find you have a thousand unanswered questions. What does One Squared 2018 really entail? What will I get out of it? How will it help me grow both professionally and personally? And how are all the Leight…  Read More 

Jan 18, 2018

Below is a video that will say everything you need to know about where to invest your time for personal and professional growth in 2018. Whether you're a seasoned marketing vet, an emerging leader, or a young creative pursuing educational oppo…  Read More 

Nov 20, 2017

You made your plea to your boss and they gave you the thumbs up to attend a marketing conference. Great – now how do you make sure to show her/him that this was not a bad decision or a waste of company time and money?  Read More 

Nov 16, 2017

Leighton Interactive is very excited about this year's inaugural One Squared event in downtown Minneapolis. One Squared is our version of a marketing seminar that brings together marketing and professional growth experts from ac…  Read More 

Nov 13, 2017

Professional conferences (like our upcoming One Squared) are exciting events, full of lots of educational talks and opportunities to network. Many of the attendees I see are really excited at the prospect of attending ... but when th…  Read More 

Nov 8, 2017

Hosting a marketing event is a big responsibility that we don’t take lightly. If we’re going to ask marketers to take a day out of their already hectic work week, we know the event better be top notch or our heads will be on a platter. Each ye…  Read More