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A few weeks back I attended a day-long marketing conference put on by Leighton Interactive and I wanted to write a little about why I chose to attend the conference and what I took away from spending the day at the One Squared conference.

I choose to attend One Squared because it was put on by people that I trust. I know many of the people that work at One Squared and know how hard they all worked to put together this day of learning. I also know that the overall goal of the event was to provide great content to help attendees grow both professionally and personally.



As I listened to the speakers throughout the day there was something that stood out to me.

You have to be trustworthy.

It makes perfect sense and I was thrilled to be hearing it. People trust their friends, not brands. So if I share something positive about a brand or product, then people who trust me will then be more likely to use that product because they heard about it from someone they trust. What is it that makes people want to share something about a brand or a product?

It's knowing they will not be let down or they already know they can trust that brand. They know who makes the products or they like what the brand has done to help the community. Showing people the human side of the brand really helps them connect with the company further. When consumers become brand advocates, they are helping do our jobs as marketers. People are more likely to trust someone rather than a brand. It is very refreshing to hear in this loud and noisy world that if you’re doing things for the right reason - and for the greater good - you can get noticed.

Be helpful, friendly, and nice and that is what people will gravitate towards and will stand up for.


The reason I went to One Squared was that I trust Leighton Interactive.

I know that they are working hard to put on a conference not for them, but for the people who are attending. I learned many other things about marketing and branding that day, but it was great to hear from professional marketers working in the industry that building trust is still very important.

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