We know many people are still on the fence when it comes to attending One Squared - a marketing event in Minneapolis. We're not sure why - I mean, if 2018's version was any indication, we're on the fast-track to success. I still love thinking about that day in April. Maybe we're not defining it well enough. So what is One Squared? Let's take a quiz, multiple choice-style, to find the definitive answer, once and for all. Then you can join us in April of 2019!

A. An Excuse to Skip Work

Hey. If you need an excuse to skip work, maybe the culture you're part of isn't the greatest. We value honesty and transparency and believe those are some mighty necessary elements to our success. We encourage you to be open and honest with your team where you work or learn and share some of your goals with people they impact. If you're interested in One Squared, own it. Do your research, review the lineup of the day's speakers and panelists, and forget excuses. Better yet, bring your whole team or squad (whatever you call your people) and make it about team growth.

B. An Event Too Good to be True

Have you ever signed up for something, or committed to an opportunity or event that sounded too good to be true? Been there, done that. It's totally human nature to be a bit skeptical when things sound just a little too perfect, or a bit too easy to be attainable, relevant, or risk-free. If One Squared sounds like that to you, we get it. It might be due to the insane lineup of talent - like Mark J. Lindquist or Amy Landino. It might be due to the venue itself, the Aria in Minneapolis. Swoon-worthy! Maybe you heard the swag bag itself is worth attending for. Whatever you've heard, it's true! The day is big, the event is going to be great, and we promise that it's not too good to be true. We're just as excited as you are for a day that will live up to its hype.

C. An Opportunity for Growth


You know what's hard? Being a person. Everything in life is hard. And do you know what else? Being a person is great. The simple concept that humanity is great yet hard is what inspired us to host One Squared in the first place. We're people, too, and we struggle with the same things you do - balance (oh, please don't even get me started), being tenacious in our careers, being good stewards of our clients' brands and stories, dedicating our time to causes and things worth supporting, and making it all work from our individual drivers' seats. This idea- that you are one incredible person tasked with so much - is what the event is all about. Being the best you in all realms of your life. One you, One Squared.

D. Free Lunch

Did your dad or an old economics teacher of yours instill in you the principle that there is no such thing as a free lunch? This kind of ties into answer B. above. This economic concept means there are no goods or services provided for 100 percent free in this world. What this means for you is there is an opportunity cost associated. Hey, I wasn't a great economics student so it's hard for me to reiterate what that means, but let's agree on this: your attendance means big things for you. Your attendance also means lunch. So ... take the opportunity to put yourself first, meet some new people, and eat the lunch already.


C. An Opportunity for Growth

How'd you do?

We are excited for One Squared. You should be, too.

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