Digital vs. Traditional Marketing Throwdown

You’ve experienced it. We’ve experienced it. And we have no doubt in our mind that your customers have experienced it. What is IT?

Content Overload.

Consumers are drowning in content everywhere they turn - from social media ads to Google searches to radio and tv spots - content is everywhere. So, how do you choose the best channels for distributing content to tell your company’s story? Do you go with digital or traditional marketing?

We’re asking the experts in this year’s “Traditional vs. Digital Throwdown” session at One Squared. Here are just a few of the questions we'll be asking our Throwdown Guests in this 60-minute session:

  • When is the right time to use traditional or digital marketing efforts?
  • What traditional or digital marketing strategies have worked for their brand?
  • How do they plan for, execute, and evaluate their traditional or digital efforts?
  • Do they dedicate more of their budget and resources to traditional or digital efforts + why?

Get ready to experience a panel like no other and leave with ideas, tips, and strategies you can bring back to your company and implement right away. 


Get to Know The One Squared Panelists

They know digital marketing, they know traditional marketing, and they know how to give you insight into creating a strategy that tackles both for your business. We should really call them Minnesota’s Marketing Masters instead of panelists. We do love a good alliteration.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce the crew that will take over the One Squared stage this April for the Digital vs Traditional Marketing Panel.

Carlos Abler

Content Marketing Strategy - 3M

Carlos has 30-years of experience directing and creating mixed media communication strategies. He’s the Jedi of content marketing at 3M and believes in using content as an enabler of customer experience. He’s no stranger to public speaking and recently presented at Conex and Digital Summit where he shared the stage with Jay Baer, Marcus Sheridan, One Squared speaker Amy Landino, and many others!

Joseph Lindberg 

Digital Communications Editor - Land O’Lakes

He was a journalist and web news editor at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and is now the editor-in-chief for all digital content at Land O’Lakes. From traditional to digital, Joseph has seen it all. He’s enamored with omnichannel communications, data, insights, adaptation, and teamwork.


Jessica GarretT 

VP, Director of Media - Martin Williams

Jessica (or Jess) started out her career at Fallon creating award-winning media work for Citi, Nikon, PBS, and more. Now, she helps develop and lead media/engagement strategies for clients at Martin Williams, a premier marketing and advertising agency in Minneapolis. She’s the media pro who can give you tips on how to integrate media and marketing strategies across multiple channels for your business. 


Regional Digital Director - Northern MN & Northern WI - Adams Publishing Group LLC

Phil’s love for sales and marketing began in the world of print newspapers where he sold traditional and (eventually) digital ad placement. Now, he helps his sales team find effective marketing solutions for businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin looking to tackle the ever-changing world of digital marketing. 


AVP, Director of Content Marketing - US Bank

Erin is an expert at creating consumer-first content strategies - and she’s got the data to prove it. From her time spent as the associate managing editor at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine to working with major brands like Delta Air Lines, General Mills, and Optum Health on content - she’s done it all.


Creative Content Lead - Leighton Interactive

She’s your One Squared emcee for the day and the moderator for the traditional vs. digital marketing panel! Alison loves content marketing and believes it is disguised best as storytelling told in a clear, bold, and authentic voice. She likes to consider herself a little old school, a little new school, and a lot obsessed when it comes to engaging users across all platforms of marketing. 

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