Digital vs. Traditional Marketing Throwdown

You’ve experienced it. We’ve experienced it. And we have no doubt in our mind that your customers have experienced it. What is IT?

Content Overload.

Consumers are drowning in content everywhere they turn - from social media ads to Google searches to radio and tv spots - content is everywhere. So, how do you choose the best channels for distributing content to tell your company’s story? Do you go with digital or traditional marketing?

We’re asking the experts in this year’s “Traditional vs. Digital Throwdown” session at One Squared. Here are just a few of the questions we'll be asking our Throwdown Guests in this 60-minute session:

  • When is the right time to use traditional or digital marketing efforts?
  • What traditional or digital marketing strategies have worked for their brand?
  • How do they plan for, execute, and evaluate their traditional or digital efforts?
  • Do they dedicate more of their budget and resources to traditional or digital efforts + why?

Get ready to experience a panel like no other and leave with ideas, tips, and strategies you can bring back to your company and implement right away. 


Below you’ll meet the Throwdown Guests from major brands across Minnesota and the US who will be the stars of the show during this one-hour session. And don’t forget to start prepping your questions for them! This interactive session will allow audience members to ask questions throughout the throwdown.

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